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Monitoring Summary Table
Earliest and most recent monitoring dates are summarized here. For detailed monitoring information, see the Monitoring History Database.
Site NameEarliest DateMost Recent Date
Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Park - Knob Creek High07/01/200508/31/2005
Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Park - Visitor's Center04/01/200611/03/2014
Acadia National Park - Cadillac Mountain07/25/199509/30/2018
Acadia National Park - Headquarters10/06/198212/31/1997
Acadia National Park - McFarland Hill02/01/199809/30/2018
Agate Fossil Beds National Monument - Residence Area07/01/200709/30/2009
Appalachian Trail - Mount Greylock Summit05/13/200309/30/2008
Arches National Park10/15/198707/07/1992
Assateague Island National Seashore - Maintenance Area06/01/200510/05/2010
Badlands National Park - Visitor Center10/01/198712/31/2017
Bandelier National Monument10/01/198909/30/1994
Big Bend National Park - K-Bar Ranch Road09/15/199009/30/2018
Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area - Taft Story Fields06/18/200309/30/2005
Big Thicket NPRS - Radio Tower11/01/198501/31/1992
Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park - Gravel Pit06/11/200310/11/2005
Blue Ridge Parkway - 7510 Blue Ridge Parkway04/01/200312/31/2008
Blue Ridge Parkway - Barnet Knob Firetower Road04/01/200310/31/2007
Blue Ridge Parkway - Blue Ridge Parkway04/01/200305/31/2006
Blue Ridge Parkway - Frying Pan Mountain04/01/200310/31/2008
Blue Ridge Parkway - Ranger Station04/01/200312/31/2008
Blue Ridge Parkway - Route 19104/01/200310/31/2008
Blue Ridge Parkway - Vinton Elementary01/01/200312/31/2008
Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area - Former Nike Missle Site01/01/200312/31/2008
Canyonlands National Park - Island in the Sky07/01/199209/30/2018
Cape Cod National Seashore04/01/198712/31/2017
Carl Sandburg National Historic Park - Granite Dome 1407/14/200508/03/2005
Carl Sandburg National Historic Park - Pasture04/01/201211/01/2012
Carlsbad Caverns National Park - Maintenance Area06/01/200609/30/2018
Chaco Culture National Historical Park - Radio Repeater11/12/201509/30/2018
Chamizal National Memorial04/01/198812/31/2017
Channel Islands National Park - Santa Rosa Island01/01/199712/31/2004
Chickamauga/Chatanooga National Military Park - Maintenance Area Field08/03/200508/24/2005
Chickamauga/Chattanooga National Military Park - Lookout Mountain04/01/201011/02/2016
Chiricahua National Monument - Entrance Station01/01/199009/30/2018
City of Rocks National Reserve - Juniper Campground03/01/201009/30/2011
Colorado National Monument - Maintenance Yard05/01/200604/02/2013
Colorado National Monument - Bone Yard12/06/198407/08/1992
Congaree National Park - Congaree Bluff01/01/200012/31/2017
Congaree Swamp National Monument03/27/198112/10/2000
Cowpens National Battlefield - State Monitor04/01/198801/31/2016
Craters of the Moon National Monument - Visitor Center09/24/199209/30/2018
Cumberland Gap National Historic Park - Hensley Settlement05/01/200510/03/2014
Cumberland Gap National Historic Park - Pinnacles05/11/200506/22/2005
Cuyahoga Valley National Park - 800 Patterson04/01/200310/31/2008
Cuyahoga Valley National Recreation Area07/01/198501/31/1992
Death Valley National Park - Park Village12/01/199309/30/2018
Denali National Park - Headquarters07/01/198709/30/2018
Denali National Park - Trapper Creek07/01/199807/03/2001
Devil's Tower National Monument - Joyner Ridge Trail06/12/200809/25/2012
Dinosaur National Monument - West Entrance Housing04/01/200509/30/2018
Escalante National Monument - Visitor Center12/01/201101/04/2016
Everglades - Cutler Road01/01/200312/31/2017
Everglades National Park - Beard Center09/01/198209/30/2018
Fort Donelson National Battlefield - Graves' Battery04/17/201510/26/2015
Fort Donelson National Battlefield - Visitor Center08/24/200507/15/2009
Fort Laramie National Historic Site - North Boundary05/01/201409/30/2016
George Washington Pkwy - Alexandria Health01/01/200312/31/2008
Glacier National Park - Saint Mary's Ranger District05/01/200909/30/2010
Glacier National Park - West Glacier Horse Stables01/01/199209/30/2018
Grand Canyon National Park - The Abyss01/01/199309/30/2018
Grand Canyon National Park - Tuweep05/19/200309/30/2004
Grand Teton National Park - Flagg Ranch12/20/200203/15/2003
Grand Teton National Park - Science School08/01/201109/30/2018
Great Basin National Park - Maintenance Yard08/24/199309/30/2018
Great Sand Dunes National Monument03/24/198809/30/1991
Great Smoky Mountains National Park - Cades Cove07/01/199309/30/2018
Great Smoky Mountains National Park - Clingmans Dome10/02/199209/30/2018
Great Smoky Mountains National Park - Cove Mountain07/01/198809/30/2018
Great Smoky Mountains National Park - Elkmont07/17/198012/08/1983
Great Smoky Mountains National Park - Look Rock07/01/198809/30/2018
Great Smoky Mountains National Park - Look Rock NCORE 12/31/201309/30/2018
Great Smoky Mountains National Park - Purchase Knob06/01/199511/01/2017
Great Smoky Mountains National Park - Uplands Lab06/30/199308/31/1993
Guadalupe Mountains National Park - Federal Aviation Administration08/10/198710/12/1992
Guilford Courthouse National Military Park - Library04/01/201212/04/2012
Guilford Courthouse National Military Park - Mendenhall Middle School01/01/200312/31/2008
Gulf Islands National Seashore - Fort Pickens Entrance Stn.01/01/200411/02/2005
Haleakala National Park - Olinda Endangered Species Propogation Facility06/13/199106/22/1995
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park - Chain of Craters 12/06/201009/30/2018
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park - Devastation 12/07/201008/17/2018
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park - Keala Komo 203/19/201009/29/2010
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park - Namakanipaio Campground02/23/201109/30/2018
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park - Naulu12/06/201009/30/2018
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park - Observatory / Jaggar Museum09/01/199907/31/2018
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park - Parking Lot 12/08/201009/30/2018
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park - Steam Vents 12/06/201009/30/2018
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park - Thurston12/08/201006/01/2018
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park - Thurston Lava Tubes09/14/199906/30/2004
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park - Visitor Center10/01/198609/30/2018
Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore - Ammunition Bunker01/01/200312/31/2017
Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore - Gas Station01/01/200312/31/2008
Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore - Headquarters07/14/198110/31/1995
Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore - Water Treatment Plant01/01/200312/29/2008
Isle Royale National Park - Ojibway Fire Tower06/21/198709/30/1995
Isle Royale National Park - Ojibway Fire Tower - Portable07/18/200209/30/2004
Joshua Tree - Cottonwood Visitor Center01/01/201809/30/2018
Joshua Tree National Monument - Lost Horse Ranger Station06/05/198709/22/1993
Joshua Tree National Park - Black Rock09/01/199309/30/2018
Joshua Tree National Park - Cottonwood Canyon12/01/200501/31/2018
Joshua Tree National Park - Pinto Wells11/03/200309/30/2018
Kings Mountain National Military Park - Brown's Mountain01/06/201111/16/2015
Kings Mountain National Military Park - RAWS Station04/01/201602/02/2017
Kings Mountain National Military Park - Reservoir Hill05/01/200501/07/2011
Lake Mead National Recreation Area - Meadview01/01/200310/31/2006
Lassen Volcanic National Park - Manzanita Lake Fire Stn.10/01/198709/30/2018
Lincoln Memorial University - University Field06/22/200507/13/2005
Little River Canyon National Reserve - Canyon High01/01/200410/31/2011
Lyndon B. Johnson National Historic Park - Hay Barn03/01/201110/01/2011
Mammoth Cave National Park - Biogarden06/07/200410/26/2005
Mammoth Cave National Park - Great Onyx Job Corps09/01/200510/31/2005
Mammoth Cave National Park - Great Onyx Meadow12/20/198407/20/1997
Mammoth Cave National Park - Great Onyx Meadow Portable09/14/200510/26/2005
Mammoth Cave National Park - Houchin Meadow07/01/199709/30/2018
Mammoth Cave National Park - Houchin Meadow Portable02/12/200510/26/2005
Meeker - Plant Science01/01/201009/30/2018
Mesa Verde National Park - Resource Mngment Area03/01/199309/30/2018
Minidoka National Historic Site - Maintenance Building11/01/201509/30/2018
Mississippi National Recreation Area - Anoka County Airport01/01/200312/31/2008
Mississippi National Recreation Area - Somerset Town Hall01/01/200312/31/2008
Mississippi National Recreation Area - Washington County04/03/200309/30/2008
Mojave National Preserve - Kelso Mountains05/01/200709/30/2018
Mount Baker06/01/200710/06/2008
Mount Rainier National Park - Carbon River07/29/199408/10/1994
Mount Rainier National Park - Jackson Visitor's Center07/13/199812/31/2017
Mount Rainier National Park - Paradise Park06/12/199607/07/1998
Mount Rainier National Park - Tahoma Vista05/25/200410/24/2005
Mount Rainier National Park - Tahoma Woods07/01/199110/01/2013
Mount Ranier National Park - White River06/01/200610/31/2006
Natchez Trace - Buzzard Roost Springs05/01/200909/30/2009
Natchez Trace Parkway - Dancy Ranger Station04/01/200609/30/2008
Ninety Six Historical Park - Bumble Bee Hill06/22/200510/31/2013
North Cascades National Park - Marblemount Ranger Stn.02/01/199601/31/2008
Olympic National Park - Deer Park06/01/200910/31/2011
Olympic National Park - Hurricane Ridge06/11/199809/25/2000
Olympic National Park - Hurricane Ridge Portable01/01/200409/30/2008
Olympic National Park - Port Angeles08/28/198112/31/1986
Olympic National Park - Visitor Center08/14/198502/28/2005
Padre Island National Seashore - Malaquite Visitor Center05/01/200507/31/2008
Petrified Forest National Park04/01/198701/31/1992
Petrified Forest National Park - South Entrance01/01/200209/30/2018
Petroglyph - Westside Taylor Ranch01/01/200312/31/2008
Pinnacles National Park - SW of East Entrance Stn.04/01/198709/30/2018
Point Reyes National Seashore - Near North District Ranger Station11/09/198711/14/1992
Rangely - Golf Course08/01/201009/30/2018
Redwood National Park - Near Requa maintenance area11/09/198705/03/1995
Rock Creek - Achbold Parkway01/01/200312/31/2008
Rocky Mountain National Park - Trail Ridge 12/30/199909/30/2014
Rocky Mountain National Park - Additional Parameters collected12/01/199407/31/1995
Rocky Mountain National Park - Beaver Meadows06/01/200910/31/2010
Rocky Mountain National Park - Long's Peak04/01/198709/30/2018
Rocky Mountain National Park - Long's Peak Portable01/01/200210/31/2005
Rocky Mountain National Park - West Entrance07/01/201010/31/2010
Russell Cave National Monument - Visitor Center08/01/200411/02/2011
Saguaro National Monument - Headquarters06/01/198203/31/1995
Saguaro National Park - East01/01/199212/31/2017
Santa Monica Mountains Nat. Rec. Area - Franklin Canyon08/30/198402/29/1992
Saratoga National Historical Park - Stillwater01/01/200312/31/2008
Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site - Lynn Water Treatment01/01/200312/31/2008
Scotts Bluff National Monument - Visitor Center04/01/201010/01/2012
Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks - Ash Mountain07/01/199909/30/2018
Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks - Ash Mountain - old site06/16/198210/31/1996
Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks - Grant Grove12/01/198912/19/1995
Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks - Lodgepole06/15/198208/19/1982
Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks - Lookout Point04/03/198302/28/1994
Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks - Lookout Point02/08/199712/31/2004
Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks - Lower Kaweah06/01/198409/30/2018
Shenandoah National Park - Big Meadows05/01/198309/30/2018
Shenandoah National Park - Dickey Ridge05/01/198310/17/1994
Shenandoah National Park - Sawmill Run05/17/198310/17/1994
Shiloh National Military Park - Russian Tenant Field08/24/200510/31/2015
Steamtown National Historic Site04/01/199001/28/1992
Stones River National Battlefield - Beasley Field08/18/200111/02/2016
Stones River National Battlefield - Chicago Bottom Field08/03/200508/24/2005
Theodore Roosevelt National Park - North Unit02/14/198012/31/1997
Theodore Roosevelt National Park - Painted Cany. VC01/01/199809/30/2018
Theodore Roosevelt National Park - South Unit01/21/198012/31/1989
Virgin Islands National Park - Lind Point04/30/199801/24/2004
Voyageurs National Park - Near Black Bay04/01/198706/10/1996
Voyageurs National Park - Sullivan Bay06/01/199609/30/2018
Walden - Colorado - Chandler Ranch10/01/201101/04/2016
Wind Cave National Park - Visitor Center11/21/200309/30/2018
Yellowstone National Park - Old Faithful12/01/200205/31/2012
Yellowstone National Park - Old Faithful Snow Lodge10/01/201209/30/2018
Yellowstone National Park - Lake Village Ranger Station04/01/198706/24/1996
Yellowstone National Park - Old Faithful Visitor Center11/01/201105/31/2012
Yellowstone National Park - Water Tank06/01/199609/30/2018
Yellowstone National Park - West Entrance12/17/200203/15/2004
Yellowstone National Park - West Entrance07/17/200809/30/2018
Yellowstone National Park - West Entrance State Site12/01/200208/18/2010
Yellowstone National Park - West Yellowstone City Center03/01/200703/31/2011
Yosemite - Mobile - Glacier Point06/22/200610/31/2012
Yosemite National Park - Camp Mather02/18/198808/13/1996
Yosemite National Park - Yosemite Valley12/01/198911/16/1994
Yosemite National Park - Merced River01/01/200201/02/2006
Yosemite National Park - Mobile03/01/200707/31/2008
Yosemite National Park - Mobile - 2 (Lake Tenaya)06/01/200710/31/2007
Yosemite National Park - School Yard06/01/200601/07/2014
Yosemite National Park - Tioga Pass07/20/200509/22/2005
Yosemite National Park - Turtleback Dome01/01/199209/30/2018
Yosemite National Park - Turtleback Dome Co-located04/01/201205/07/2013
Yosemite National Park - Village01/01/200512/31/2016
Yosemite National Park - Wawona Valley04/01/198710/31/1996
Yukon Flats National Wildlife Refuge - Poker Flat07/01/199812/31/2003
Zion National Park - Dalton's Wash01/01/200409/30/2018